• Sexy People Podcast

    Formally “Porn Stars Are People” @DanFrigolette & @LeeVonLux and Sex Positive Icons destigmatize & normalize

    sexuality, gender and commoditization of the human body.

    Adult Film Stars talk relationships, politics, art, animals, friends, family, travel and have a lot of fun doing it, all without deeply

    devoting time to the semantics of the Porn industry.

    SPP hopes to humanize, comedians, adult stars, and listeners alike to see that life is not about labels, judgements and critiques.

  • Comedy's Best Kept Secret

    The Comedy's Best Kept Secret Tour is a Stand Up Comedy Tour that has crossed the United States 5 times, and performed more than 300 shows.

    This podcast features comedians from the tour talking candidly and openly as they travel the country, in a car to upcoming comedy gigs. You can see the tour live in your area, by visiting www.comedysbestkeptsecret.com for dates and locations.